The fashion label Superhorstjansen was founded in Hamburg / Germany by Janny Schulte.

With skills strengthened by ten years experience in the fashion Industry she decided it was high time to take the chance to make a change.

Inspired by Old Dirty Bastards lyrics from the WuTangClan Album "36 Chambers" the line "First Things First" became the basis for the Superhorstjansen motto:
"Always do the things that are important first"

Of course, as a designer, the look of the garments is of the utmost importance to Superhorstjansen, but what comes first is that you feel comfortable wearing the clothes.

The perfect outfit for Superhorstjansen is one that looks goddamn sexy on the dance floor, and yet still feels so cosy that when you get home you want to wear it in bed. If you wake up and can wear it out to breakfast and still look good then you know you´re in a relationship that will last.

A strong street influenced background means a perfect fit will always be more important than impractical style. The best manufacturing and fabric quality is of vital importance to Superhorstjansen, as to make you feel as comfortable as possible and make Superhorstjansen your new favourite brand - clothes that you never want to take off again.
"First Things First" also means a focus on ethical values like friendship and honesty in the often cut-throat fashion industry.

Business is business but Superhorstjansen do the best to keep it strictly love love all the way. You got to be in it to win it, but winning isn´t as important as doing things right and building a strong foundation with the people you work with based on real love and respect.

In this spirit Superhorstjansen say:
One love - steppin up

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